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Книга Year at Maple Hill Farm представляет собой прекрасное помесячное описание В году книга Нэнси Уиллард[3] A Visit to William Blake’s Inn, к которой 1f51K09QC95CL 2BDKQD44GL 60c 5(KGrHqJ,!

New York: McGraw-Hill Information Services Company,p. Leon A.S., Franklin B.A., Costa F., Balady G.J., Berra K.A., Stewart K.J., Thompson P.D., Williams M.A., Lauer M.S. Cardiac rehabilitation and ;97(8A): 52CC.

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Artikel von Robert William Crich. 5. Науру сэр Роуленд Хилл 60C-блок 4-современная/как новый, без наклеек и следов. US $1, US $2,34 за доставку. или Лучшая цена.

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  1. As a former Mecca employee from way back I would have liked to have heard the explanation the guy was trying to convey to you for refusing your bet. The only time we ever refused anyone a bet was if they were underage, pissed or drugged up, consistently cleaning us out (which did happen from time to time but rare) or if the person was a dodgy character.

  2. Theyre obviously minimising losses. Wasting your time making this stupid video. Theres no conspiracy.

  3. Worked in bookies for years. The guys business is being restricted because hes unprofitable, if it was something dodgy hed have a trespass notice against him. Could be wrong though.

  4. They got a right to refuse you because it is a gentleman’s agreement not legal got twat

    • They should make it clear in their T&Cs that punters who dont lose will be refused

  5. Mate your obvs on cocaine , your nose is dribbling , such a boring video , probs thought it was good being wired.

  6. If you are an arber (place multiple arbitrary bets meaning you profit on the egde) then youll get SPed from each shop after a couple of weeks. its par for course, nothing to moan about. Just move onto a new shop simple.

  7. tell us why they wont fuckin take ur bets…..and just get someone else to take them in u wopper

    • The chap used to bet online but was banned from betting online hence the switch to betting in shops

  8. Most pointless video ever , there could be a million and on legitimate reasons why they wont take yr bets , at 5.34 he tries to explain to you and then therefore to the camera for us to hear , but you conveniently cut him off.

  9. This scumbag is contravening so many personal privacy laws with his filming of people in shops.  Maybe they just dont want to take his bets because he is a piece of human excrement.  Clearly something to hide, totally biased video as everyone can see from the down votes

  10. he will.load it into a FOBT without second thoughts and ask u would u like a coffee or free can of coke

  11. why do slimeballs always seem to want to work in bookies? what does the interview consist of are you a c*nt? , sure am!! you start Monday heres a sweaty blue/green/red T-shirt

    • People who work in bookies are no different than anybody else trying to make a living.
      The hours can be very flexible which works well with family commitments.
      If you gamble and loose dont blame it on the staff.

  12. your bets were refused only in the last shop, other shops did offer to take your bet at the starting price only, so the bookie would take your bets, if you was in the know they would all refuse your bets but offering sp only is a sign that you are arbing, laying off bets on betfair or betdaq, so you make a profit whether the horse wins or loses, bookies are not interested in assisting arbers and thats why sp only was offered

    • Olias Sunhillow ah bless your video states they refused your bets but they did not you are an arber that can not get a price 1-0 to the bookies lol

    • When it becomes SP its not my bet, you clearly no nothing about betting

  13. But if you want to walk in with a grand to shovel into FOBTs then no problem! Toss pot bookies want it all their own way!

  14. You can have 4k in my shop at sp or 2k at early price . So long as your not a runner — a person with inside information etc etc — basically both sides have an equal chance. This guy is no mug — hes got a modus operandi and they know all about it. hes peeved because theyre wise to him and he cant fleece them.

    • wise to him?!? what? for having the audacity of trying to win money in a gambling establishment. perish the thought.

  15. Ur fault that you parked outside, id tell u tough shit u need to wait like everyone else..

  16. I have had my bets refused and I have never even remotely misbehaved so why? Because I was clever enough to jump onto good prices and won several thousand quid over a period of weeks. Bookies do have nasty customers who they try to ban but fact is they will restrict or effectively bar shrewdies and sharps. I know. It has happened to me.

  17. What a load of spurious nonsense. With zero background info and detail what are we to make of this clip?

  18. More than meets the eye to this. He was trying initially to put 50 on a 7/2 bet. So if it wins it’s 350 plus his stake back. Trust me pocket change to a bookie that win. Something more dodgy going on and they all recognised him.

  19. this guy is a known warm source! haa doesnt like it when hes sussed out! theyre all the same

  20. Dunno who this chap is, but I recognize the town, if your looking for him you can start in Leicester, come on dude help us beat the bookies.

  21. The majority of bookies shown werent outright refusing the bets, you were refusing their counter-proposal regarding taking prices.
    Perhaps youre a liability to the bookies? After all theyre not there to make YOU money, theyre there to make themselves money. Theres nothing wrong with protecting their interests and finances especially when it comes to above average stakes and potential repetitive loss to profits. The industry is NOT a money-making industry for punters and should never be treated as such — its an entertainment industry, and people fail to recognise this. Also, refusal of taking prices/only allowing SP is at their discretion, which is clearly stated in rules found somewhere on the shop floor (usually a clip frame/poster), which is fair and open in accordance to the Gambling Commissions ruling. You are known and recognised by the companies shown in the video, and although they dont correctly explain why, theres always with legitimate reason. A call to any of their customer services would yield an explanation, and if not, Im sure if the situation was escalated any area manager would take pleasure in arranging a meeting to explain why. Winning does not consequently result in being banned, taking advantage of certain systems or mechanics does (such as developing tech like your GUI based Machine Learning software aimed at Horse Racing — a very impressive system, but effectively it can be seen as similar to counting cards in a casino, which is frowned upon). I think you do know why theyre not allowing you to take those prices though, youre not daft..
    Covertly filming people (even front of house staff like bookies cashiers) without their consent and using the footage in a detrimental light like this can be considered a potential civil wrong which can be redressed with a claim for damages, particularly for a breach of privacy and defamation of their character, all in accordance to GDPR laws. I know the video was aimed at the companies and not necessarily the staff but my advice for future videos would either be to first declare your intent of recording a video to the subjects or blur their faces.
    Nothing in the video actually reveals the truth about modern UK bookmakers and how they treat punters and consequently turn them away from Horse Racing. An interesting video, but terribly mislabelled and over-sensationalised.
    You could always turn to online markets though, theyre usually less biased and a lot easier to take advantage of..

  22. To get a proper bet you need to go to the course were bookies are willing to take you on. Mostly independant not your ladbrokes, betfred, and coral etc.

    • Dont be so clueless. You can walk into a bookies and bet £1000s with early prices. This man is bet limited for a reason. Most likely Arbs, which bookies can and will restrict/ban you for.

    • Mark Littlewood the big bookies are a disgrace they make millions yet cant take bets even at 50 quid its pathetic.

    • There should be a minimum bet they have to accept built into their licence rather like the system they have in Australia. How can racing attract new punters if they know the system is rigged.

  23. Is it be cos he wins all the time .. can bookies even do that ?? Can some one tell me

    • Sean Murray Unfortunately yes they can and yes they do.Back in the old days bookmakers could not refuse a bet to lose a limit amount eg 1000 pounds.Nowadays they ban winners and prey on problem gamblers.I cant believe governments allow such predatory unethical behaviour.

  24. Too funny,they wont let you have the fixed odds but will let you have sp.Now i was going to say you must be a great punter to be refused odds but thats not true is it.They will let you on sp,which means,your a dirty arber,scalping the market with no opinion of your own.

  25. this guy went into bookies on vid and tried to bet £50, i work for a bookie and i gurantee you hes getting sp only or turned away because hes has bet a LOT more than £50 on races in past
    and won consistantly or hes a runner for someone! this is the stuff these moaners and groaners wont tell you on these videos! the majority are profesional gamblers trying to bet high stakes in shops and laying it off on exchanges,they dont bet for the glory of the sport they are out to make profit and because we wont play the game they spit the dummy out

  26. There’s was a reason……… maybe the so called victim could tell us the real reason, we nearly found out till he cut the guy off

    • He had placed some winning bets and some losing bets but overall he was winning, thats against the bookmakers unspoken and unwritten rules

  27. If I were a bookie I would have a computer linked to the Exchanges and if he came to me with £200 at say 4/1 I would be looking up its price on offer as it could be 5/1 or even 11/2. Even better if he came asking for £200 on at 33/1 as most days 33/1sp have paid 60 70 even over 100/1 on the Exchanges so lots of room to make a lot of profit. Just think £200 at say 20/1 and you lay it off at 30/1online. He gets paid £4200 but you pick up £6200. That’s a nice pay day.

  28. Can somebody please explain to me what s. p is as the documentary maker never explain anything.

    • When a race starts a final price is calculated for all horses, this is the SP. The shop punter is trying to take a price offered by the bookmakers in the morning, something he is perfectly entitled to do but they wont let him have the price. Its a bit like going into a shop to buy a sofa on sale down from 600 quid to 400 quid but the shop guy says you cannot have it but you can have it at 600 quid. Next customer, 400 quid no problem

  29. Dont get this .. if the horse is on their screen at 4-1 why wouldnt they take your bet ?

    • The guy in the video has never arbed a bet in his life. He wins more than he loses and you are not allowed to that with bookmakers it seems

    • It could be that youre permanently taking better prices. I do it at my local stores. I take the odds boost, lay it on the exchange. If it loses I lose no money. If it wins I take anywhere between £50-400 depending on the odds. Its a no risk strategy. Eventually theyll probably ban me but by that point Ive made my money or get someone to go in for me. Arbing, free bet hunting, its where the guaranteed cash is and you can make thousands a month without taking any risk at all.

    • He must have had tremendous success in order to be known and refused in every shop, there are other towns or indeed asking a pal to put the bet on for him, but glad to learn of this trick that the bookmaker can play on anyone who takes Horses so seriously and can in fact gain a living from it. This now makes me hate Bookmakers, its so unrequited.

    • The guy is a winning punter and they do not allow punters to win so they refuse his bets

    • weird that. i wish all the other punters bad luck. as its their money im taking when i win. i play bigger prices on betfair but if its something at the head of the market ill go in shop. bookies arent the enemy the other punters are. wish them all big losses tbh

  30. id been following one of easterbys 2/3 yrs ago.. was running this particular day and i fancied it.. was 9/4 2nd fav.. i wrote out my slip 500 win but hills would only take 250.. i bet the wankers would have taken the full 500 had it been 66/1

  31. I used to manage a betting shop and loved punters who won money regularly, because I used to follow them.when the area manager told me not to take bets I ignored him, that’s what the licence is for.I didn’t last long though ,better than being a jobsworth on low wages.

    • @Amigo Wettung because most of the time shop staff will call up and report that someone is going to go on there so then they can keep an eye on it and refuse bets

    • How does bookmakers in England eg Ladbrokes limit bettors (winning ones) when they have got those automatic machines where you can place bets?

    • A disgrace but they all do it. I was successful getting good prices on US racing a couple of years ago…..won about 8 grand over a couple of months. Limited to 20 quid bets across the counter !!!! Bookies are cowards.

    • Good idea recognising the people who won regularly. Its a disgrace that a betting shop would refuse to sell a bet to someone just because they win often. Like they dont have enough advantages as it is.

    • Im happy you got out of that shit stain of a job ,i dont know you but Im certain youre a better man for it

  32. Some very naive people on here with regard to how bookmakers operate. If they (bookmakers) think you are a winning punter or even break even they will refuse your bets or at best restrict them to pennies which amounts to the same thing.

  33. 5.34 the teller tells this guy No, quite clearly. This was the answer to his question Is it because Im winning. He must be Billy No mates, it would be easier to get a couple of mates to put the bets on?, Drama queen, its because he found value in odds on the night race and tried to apply them. He must have had some history??

  34. We need legislation like in Aus to stop this abhorrent practice. Bookies (inc Betfair) only want losers to bet and the government seems to back them up. Appalling….

  35. you clearly have some itk knowledge somewhere down the line or are running for someone else. Why else would you interrupt the guy working at Tote when he tried giving you an explanation as to why you’re banned from betting with them

  36. Well if you’re arbitrage betting, you’re classed as an online competitor and not a customer. Presumably that’s why the lad’s explanation was cut short.

    • Its not me in the vid. I know they can but I reckon its the betting tactics which isnt illegal. Bookies dont like it.

    • The third lad refused all bets without offering SP.
      Bookies or general stores can refuse service for a number of reasons.

      Historical verbal abuse, threats, harassment of other customers, etc. He was going to explain the reason at one point until you cut him off.

    • Irrelevant. Its not illegal to do so. I dont believe they should be able to refuse your bet

  37. More to this than meets the eye.The uploader said he could not get a bet on but he clearly could apart from the TOTE

  38. hes probably the runner himself, makes no sense to me either way cos betfair better odds and no problem with getting on unless ur banned like me lol for rinsing their free bets years ago 🙂

  39. Basically, the man trying to put the bets on consistently beats the S.P. probably by a big margin. He more than likely lays off on betfair and/or has an app which shows which horses have come in on the exchanges. So he is risk free betting. If the boot was on the other foot, and he managed his own bookies, hed do the same thing. Bookies are a business, not a charity or a tool for facilitating no risk trading.

    • The punter is not a trader he is a straight win only punter who happens to win from time to time. If you are not a loser you are not welcome

    • Bookies will take any body’s money because every body got same chances on less you were angry

  40. Can l have £50 on the winner ? 😂😂😂 Your a face ! But hey that’s entertainment and you go out with a boot in the balls ? Get yourself some runners 🏃‍♂️😜💯🎯👍

  41. you must really have done something for them to refuse to accept your free money

  42. What are you recording onto? A VHS tape? Maybe stop gambling your money away and upgrade your shit

  43. You were obviously recognised as a wrong un or a runner cos that is the only reason you will get told sp only

  44. Smirking playing with her hair, typical false deceptive body language..

    • You got it in one. The pricks behind the counter are just as bad as faceless head office

  45. ladbrokes the worst in the high street worst staff worst betting worst odds totall 100 % rubbish

  46. wear disguises , send other people in , get a car and drive to further out bookies

  47. they dont say that to mug punters that lose everything! !! they dont want winning punters.

  48. Bookies used to be run by old fashioned bookmakers who accepted there would be winning punters, but they knew they would still make a nice living out of the losing ones. They used to say winners were good publicity. Now the bookmakers are run by accountants. They dont want anyone winning. All winning accounts are closed down once you go over a certain amount. They then just take bets off all losing or mug punters. Thats what the free money giveaway when you sign up is all about, to entice and keep mug punters. Even a stranger going in a bookies for the first time can be refused a bet over £50. But the same man will not be stopped from betting say £3000 on the FOBTs. Its all one way with them, and shocking that they can get away with it. Oh of course, the Government gets their cut.

    • Makes sense.
      Could you help with this question as I am a foreigner living in England.
      How does bookmakers in England eg Ladbrokes limit bettors (winning ones) when they have got those automatic machines where one can place bets for himself?

  49. They take bets, they dont take your bets cause you been banned probably !

  50. They have developed a radar for people who know what they are doing in this game.It happens everywhere.

  51. Yeah, this guys kisser is definitely plastered all over the shops with big notice Do Not Take Bets. Bookies are a joke. Only want money from mugs, ban the sharps. Wasnt even trying to smash the dirty each ways. With the business model they built for themselves off FOBTs they are now getting their comuppence

  52. Billionare companies like william hill and ladbrokes never say no to any bet… this is all bullshit… people running these shops and managers are not doing their jobs properly… if they cant take £100 on a horse working under the brand of ladbrokes theyre fucking idiots and it doesnot make any sense… on course they would take 50,000 on a horse no problem… so i dont think ladbrokes is wrong its the fucking idiots running these shops… i know a guy, and i swear to God you put a horse to win by 2lengths @ 5/2 and in same slip you put same horse to win by 5lengths @ 5/1 and write £20 double, he use to take these bets and pay me out …and next year he became the area manager … any way I got caught when I tried to collect money in another shop…company banned me and labelled me as a fraudster but I was only trying to win couple of pounds … its his fault whos taking my bet ( future area manager) 11 shops under him lolll

  53. He is lying, they have a good reason to refuse his bets or only offer SP

  54. Recognised the Haymarket Theatre in under a second. I wasnt expecting that.

  55. Just like smoking and the warning they have to give you so should these conmen who call themselves bookies have to warn you before you enter shop or site with words like this WARNING WINNER WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. In that way everyone will understand that no one can ever be an Alex Bird anymore and no one will ever be a pro-punter like the professional punters of yesteryear. I have bet all my life but if we had such rules and bookies back then my dream of going full time would have ended fast and so would my betting. If the powers that be don’t see the problem here and do something fast racing will end as we know it. Finished gone over and out.

  56. This video is the biggest load of rubbish ever. The man thinks he could make money through horses is utter garbage. Ill take his bet and Ill give him double the odds because I know his horse will be a loser like everyone elses bet.

  57. This is very bad why special only I thought they were a gay betting shop

  58. So youve got banned from making bets and you cut in line because you parked in a dumb spot outside. Maybe you should try to behave in society instead of crying about things on youtube?

  59. Come to my shop we take 50 quid on virtuals all day long lmao id clean you out within the week pal trying to act like your big bollocks with 50 quid on a 7/4 come put a bag of sand on it ill strike the bet for you fucking clown lol

    • +Ben Questy now but your blue /green or red shirt and be a good little boy and start your shift at the misery factory

    • +Ben Questy Ive never in all my life met anybody behind the counter who looks remotely like they can handle themselves , too lazy for proper labour and too thick to have a decent office job

    • John Smith yes cos you know whats good and wouldnt dare come say it to my face ….john lmao name aays it all haha helmet

    • you fucking mug ,you think youre shit hot because you choose to sit in a cess pit bookies all day , call that a fucking career ,go and work at McDonalds the moneys the same but youll sleep better

  60. His a arb player!!! Basically means he takes bets on betfair etc!!! And lays them off with the betting shops. He makes a profit regardless of the result as the margin is made in the difference in the prices. Basically taking a bet and acting as a bookmaker himself. Given Starting price takes this away from him, so they are not refusing the mans bet, it’s just not the price he would like. His not gambling, it’s a business. And why would betting shops allow this as it’s competition to them. They are protecting there business.
    Don’t get me wrong I fucking hate betting shops they are scum, but there is more than meets the eye on this video

    • You dont have to be an arb player to get banned. Anyone who consistently takes the best available odds (which youd have to to arb, but also you can make more money in the long-run just leaving the bets on and not laying them off on exchanges) will be banned from bookmakers eventually.

  61. I only use the exchanges, Betfair or Betdaq, better odds no restrictions. The bookies are used only to watch the racing, drink free coffee, catch up with locals with some banter. When the max bet per spin on a FOBT is reduced to £2, they will be seen less and less. Alternatively, get some mates to place the bets on for you…aka Harry Findlay…

    • jeff griffin you dont know what youre talking about. They have no choice but to change it.

    • The government will never make it just 2 quid a spin. not from a ton. it will be minimum of 30 a spin for sure. i wudnt be surprised if they did nothing, its in there interests to keep it high as possible, they make a shit load on tht money. In reality they couldnt care less, they want the people to be addicted and struggle and to destroy the family unit.

  62. if all 3 differing firms know you youve done something underhand,dodgy late bets for eg bookies will lay you a fair honest bet its just there a lot of scumbags about and why should they lay a bet to these

    • Bookmakers will not lay bets to people who do not lose money. If you are not aware of that then you need to wake up and smell the sewer

  63. Makes no odds if he backs a winner or loser over the counter as long as hes laid off at lower prices on an exchange. So arbing wont be the reason. Anybody who wants to carry on arbing for profit wont back winners all the time and piss the bookie off. The profit is in the odds margin. Not the result of the event.

  64. Ladbrokes refused to pay my winnings,only 170 pound.so i won my case with lbas.The following day closed my account .

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